USA Visitor Insurance

USA Visitor Insurance

Having a USA visitor insurance plan is of the utmost importance for anyone visiting USA. While the USA boasts the best medical care, the healthcare expenses are also the highest in the world. Without a suitable USA visitor insurance plan, most people simply can't afford to pay for the expensive medical treatment out of their pocket.

To help you make sure that you purchase the best visitors insurance policy for you, we recommend gaining a basic understanding of what USA visitor insurance generally covers first. The following details will give you a better idea of treatments and other coverages that are commonly available in USA visitor insurance plans.

  • Medical Treatment

    Medical treatment is the most important portion of USA visitor insurance. It will generally cover outpatient as well as inpatient treatment. Coverage is provided for doctor visit(s), urgent care facilities, prescription drugs, labs, X-rays, CT-scan or MRI, hospital room and board, ICU, surgery, ambulance, and other medically necessary items.

    The exact amount of coverage will vary based on the specific plan you purchase. Your out of pocket costs will also vary based on the specific USA visitor insurance plan you purchase.

  • Trip Interruption

    While you are on the trip, you may need to go home early for specific reasons, such as your home is flooded or damaged in fire, or a close relative has passed away. Making changes to your prior travel arrangements will cost you money. Trip interruption coverage can help you pay for the expenses made for your early return home.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

    If you are seriously sick or injured in a remote or rural area where adequate treatment is not available, you may need to be evacuated by helicopter or air ambulance to an appropriate facility.

    Even though excellent medical care is available in many parts of the US and you can call 911, not all facilities across the US are capable of high levels of care.

  • Repatriation of Remains

    It is unfortunate and unexpected, but always a possibility, if you were to pass away while on your trip in the USA, visitor insurance would provide coverage for sending your remains to your home country, or alternatively for local burial or cremation, in some plans.

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

    If you were to die in an accident, the insurance company would pay the principal sum to your beneficiary. Alternatively, if you were to lose one or two limbs, the insurance company would make the payment to you.

    Some insurance plans provide higher coverage for accidental death or dismemberment while riding in a common carrier, such as bus, train, or plane.

  • Terrorism

    Many USA visitor insurance plans provide coverage if you were hurt in a terrorist incident.

  • Travel Assistance

    Most USA visitor insurance plans provide 24/7 assistance for any travel related emergencies while on your trip.

  • Baggage

    Most of the plans provide coverage for loss of checked luggage up to a certain amount. This coverage will be secondary to any benefits you get from an airline.

Again, it is important to understand that visitors insurance plans don't provide the same coverage or the same level of coverage. We recommend reading the certificate wording for complete details of the specific plan you're interested in before you buy. If you have any questions, you can always call us for assistance.

In addition to understanding what is covered by visitors insurance, it is also important to understand what the common exclusions are in USA visitor insurance.

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