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Policy Service Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Service Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what plan I have purchased?

That information is located in the email confirmation you received after your purchase. You may also have received the insurance documents by postal mail. Please look at any of these to find the plan name / number. If you have linked all your plans in MyAccount, you can simply look there.

All I have is an ID card. And I don't see the plan name in there. How do I know what I have purchased?

Your ID card has a certificate number or / and ID number on the front of the card. Please look at the first few characters of the number and match them with the prefix given after the insurance plan name in the drop down list on Policy Service. Alternatively, call us for assistance.

It is asking me to send you an email to cancel the insurance. Why can't I cancel it online or over the phone?

That feature is available in MyAccount if the insurance policy you purchased is administrated by WorldTrips, IMG, Travelex, Seven Corners, Global Underwriters or Trawick International. Once logged into MyAccount, you can request cancellation for most plans online by logging in to MyAccount.

For all other plans, you should send your cancellation request to [email protected].

For your safety and security, we are legally required to receive the cancellation request from you in writing.

Why does the certificate wording (policy) not have my name and other details printed inside it?

Certificate wording (policy) is a general document that is meant for everyone who has purchased the same insurance plan, as the benefits are the same. Your name and other details are mentioned in the confirmation of coverage document (or email) that you received and are specific to your purchase. Both of those documents are used collectively for a specific purchase.

Why can't I completely change one of the names of the insureds? I purchased the insurance for my mother-in-law and I was not sure of her exact name.

To avoid fraudulent activity, insurance companies can only make the minor corrections to names, such as typos. It is not possible to replace a name; in this situation, you would have to cancel the insurance with the wrong name and repurchase the insurance with the correct name. When changing an insured's name, proof of the proper name may be requested.

Can I extend my insurance online?

Most plans allow you to extend your insurance online.

However, once your plan has expired, there is no grace period. You must repurchase the insurance on this web site or you can contact us and we would be glad to do complete the application over the phone for you. MyAccount also lets you repurchase the same plan to avoid tedious form entry to buy again quickly.

Can I print the visa letter online? I need it urgently for my consulate appointment tomorrow morning.

Yes. Many plans allow you to print the visa letter online soon after purchasing the insurance, the link can be found in MyAccount or Policy Service. Some of the plans send you an email confirmation with the visa letter either as an attachment or as a link. However, if the specific plan you have purchased does not allow that, please contact us and we would be glad to get you the visa letter (this could take 2 to 3 business days).

Should I use MyAccount or Policy Service?

If you purchased a plan administered by WorldTrips, IMG, Travelex, Seven Corners, Global Underwriters or Trawick International, you can use both MyAccount and Policy Service, the choice is yours. For plans administered by any other insurance administrator, you should use Policy Service.

What are the differences between MyAccount and Policy Service?

MyAccount is our customer portal created to simplify your life. You can log in to your account and manage the insurance policies you have purchased; you can link multiple policies, request service changes, extend coverage, see new coverage quotes, request callback and much more. MyAccount gives you quick access to all of your policy fulfillment documents and even your transaction history in one location.

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